Colin H 1967 Pontiac GTO 2dr Convertible

If That Car Talked: Good Friends and a '67 GTO "published"

My first car was a 1967 GTO given to me my Pontiac fanatic father when I was not even 16 yet. We had so many adventures and crazy trips that evolved around that car that I could have (and plan too) filled another 300 pages. At the same time my dad had a '67 GTO convertible and when I had literally worn out my hardtop and had to sell it (unfortunately) we made a deal that I would get his convertible one day. He kept his word too which is part of the book. Sadly not long after I published the book he had a horrific car accident and eventually succumbed to the damage it caused. I was sad then and still am now. No one left to pick up the phone and ask what the "noise" I heard was while driving any and all my vehicles all my life....So the book is really about two 1967 GTOs spanning some 40 years and in a way a tribute to my mom and dad. Before he passed I purchased a 2006 GTO that is pictured nose to nose with the '67. I hung that picture in his hospital room when he was fighting for his life and I will never forget how he said "they look like the are about to fight!" Ironically John Delorean died while I was writing the book in 2005.

Early in the 18 months it took to write the book, I called dad and asked him (and braced him for a strange question) if I had to wait for him to die to get the '67 convertible he had promised me. I held my breath waiting for not only an answer, but how he really felt about the question. He laughed and said he would bring it to me himself which was a 3 hour trip on a rollback! I was very excited to say the least! It ran okay but he had over 20 other cars (mostly Pontiacs) and never even put too many miles on his GTO or even did much to it since the '80's, so it needed some work. I played around with it when I wasn't writing, but I wanted it to be really nice like it should be. We decided dad was going to over see the work back in his shop so he came and took the car back along with all my plans and vision of how I wanted it to be. It took a while but on the exact day of my 40th birthday, as he promised, here he came with the most beautiful red and white GTO you will ever see...and that day was the last chapter in the book. I have already promised my only niece that she will have the '67 one day with only one stipulation in that she can not sell it.

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Thank you for reading my story!

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