Diz D 11974 Pontiac GTO Custom Coupe

My First New Car

It was 1974, I was working at USS, living at home, and had money falling out of my pockets. I decided to buy a new car, so I went to Wilt Pontiac in Warren, OH, and ordered a GTO. I've had it for over 40 years now. It's been through a few transformations though. I blew the turbo 350 the first year, and the 350 engine the second year. Put a 428 with tri-power in it and went racing. Parked it in the neighbor's garage in 1977 and it sat there until 1990 when I decided to put it back on the road. Restored it with a 462 CI engine, turbo 400, and 3:42 gears. It's won many trophies over the years, it's been on the cover of 2 Pontiac magazines, and the 2000 Snap-On Tolls calendar. It's my baby, and will go to one of my sons someday.

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