James B 1966 Pontiac GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Dream comes true twice

When I graduated high school in 1965 I was working making $2 an hour. A friend of mine had a 65 GTO. I wanted one really bad. I saved up $1200 to pay down. When the new 66 GTO came out I bought a blue one for $3200. My future wife and I dated in that car until we were married. I got my draft notice in 1967. My payment was $93 a month my military pay was going to be $95 a month. I new something had to give so I sold the car to the brother of one of my friends. He totaled it out 6 months later.

When I finally retired in 2009 I started looking for another 66 GTO. As luck would have it I found one locally. It looked exactly like mine even looked like new and the same color. I am sure that guy saw my reaction when I saw it because he wouldn’t come dawn even one dollar. Of course I still bought it. every time my wife and I get into that car we are transported back to those dating days.

LOVE our Goat.

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