Dave P 1964 GTO

Circle of Life - GTO Style

I was 21 when I took my first car, a '59 Ford, to the Pontiac dealer in town. It was October 1965. I was just turning 21 and recently got an inheritance of $2500 from my grandad's estate in Tennessee. I thought the 66 GTO was the best thing I ever saw - other than my girlfriend. I ordered one with a Charcoal Blue exterior and black interior with a 3-speed heavy duty Hurst. The dealer gave me $500 for the Ford and the $2500 got me the car, registration and insurance! I had no job, didn't know what I wanted to do but I had a Grandad once who told me, "Son, live life while you can-because it isn't as long as you think." I had more fun in that car than the law would legally allow and then some! Fortunately I had some great mentors in life, including my wife of 45 years, so life has been good. I had a lot of cars over the years but that one had "the look" and the sound. Two years ago, I found this car in Connecticut at a garage and although it needed work with the interior, engine and brakes, I knew I had to have it. A few thousand later (cannot tell you the real number in case my wife reads this) here is what it looks like. 1964 painted in original color of Cameo White with new black interior. Manufactured in Fremont, CA. PHS documented. My wife and I will just get in it a drive to nowhere in particular. I am 69 and my sweetheart is a few years younger but when we get into my Goat we get to be young again - at least for a little while.

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