Arthur R 1967 Pontiac GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

11 year old GOAT rider

In 1967, when I was 11 years old, my uncle bought a new GTO. He used to ride over to our house and pick me up to go Cruisin with him. WOW, that was times I could never forget and a car I never forgot. After several years, he sold the GOAT:( From that time, I always knew I wanted a 1967 GTO. Fast forward about 30 years....I start looking for a classic to restore. One day I'm driving to go look at a '69 Camaro and I look in a pasture and see the tail lights of a '67 GTO in a barn!! I immediately turn around and go knock on the home located in the same pasture. Naturally nobody's home, so I leave my phone # and a note. Later that night I get a call and he wants to sell it!! A couple of days later it's mine!! Drove it home, put it in my garage, took it completely apart and it sat there for 7 years. At the time I didn't realize how expensive it was to restore. Finally here is the car I've thought about owning for many, many years. WOW, does it feel good!! My uncle now wishes he would have kept his.

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