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Living on Passion And Adrenalin

My First Car at 14 , the year was 1978 and my father brought home a 1969 Camaro Competition Orange and with a Black Vinyl top, the base model Camaro. Love at first sight, being I was 14 anything would have been love at first sight. I had a year to admire and work on the car until I received my Learners Permit at 15 and 6 months. That car would include a lot of First's for a 16y/o... First Girlfriend, First Ticket, and First accident of two among other things. After the accident the car was painted Orange again but with Black Stripes and a Cowl Hood and Z/28 emblems. Joining the Service, the US Navy I drove it away to Florida and traded it along with my dreams.

After the Navy, I went through many cars... 1973 Trans Am, 1978 Formula, and a 1979 Trans Am, several Mustangs, and a Corvette. But my heart missed the first car I owned. College completed, so now looking for a new hobby.

Driving through town, parked in someones yard a 1969 Camaro Z-28 with a for sale sign in the window. I scraped together enough money to purchase the car $3500 in 1989. And the sickness begins, its an addiction. Slowly restored the car over the next several years. Meanwhile looking for other projects.

Attending Car Shows and going to Super Chevy Shows each year and did the Car Show seen several years. Watching the Chevrolets racing each year started my blood pumping and a new hobby began.

A 1968 Camaro behind a garage sparked my interests. The car was in two pieces, set up for drag racing, roll cage, and rearend only. Made a deal (again $3500 Oct 2007), pushed it onto the trailer and my wife thought I was crazy when when she saw the car. After 4 months working in the non-heated garage in the middle of winter in Va, the car was completed. Ready for race season in March, My first pass I was hooked, between the Adrenalin and almost passing out with a half throttle run I found my new hobby. Since I never had any welding experience, my welds held up and 7 yrs later the car in solid and consistant. My best pass to date is 9.69 at 149mph in the Quarter not bad for a pit crew of my wife whio also loves the sport. I run every Super Chevy Race on the East Coast along with local tracks.

My brand new project, a 1971 Camaro to be used for my daily driver after I sell my truck. The 71 has a 350 with a 700r4 overdrive transmission, Modern AC. Replacing the worn out radiator with a Dominator Radiator and duel fan to cool any motor. New Interior and I have a Classic that is fun to drive, always gets a thumbs up and appreciates with value.

Its a passion, my wifes supports 100% and loves hanging out at the track or cruising down the highway. 401k's are a thing of my past and love enjoying my 401k's on a daily basis. Until you have gone down the track and experienced the thrill of adrenalin... you haven't lived. What is your passion?

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