Jeff B 1953 Chevrolet Series 3600 3/4 Ton 2dr Pickup

What would grandpa think??

My earliest memories of this truck were the rides to the local feed store to pick up bags of feed for the pigs. My grandpa would only drive about 30-40mph. As I realized later if you would go any faster it would rattle apart. As a kid, my cousins and I were enlisted to pick rocks in the fields. The nice thing about this truck was granny gear! One of us would aim it down the road row hop out and throw rocks in the box. As the truck reach the end of the field it was a mad dash to see which kid would get to turn the truck around and head it back the other way. I really loved that truck. As my grandpa got older, I would pick it up a couple times a year and bring it to our service station for an oil change. I was amazed that if you dropped a wrench in the motor it would end up on the ground!! When my Grandpa passed in 1980 my aunt gave me the tittle to the truck. I left it in the garage at the farm for 30 years. My kids enjoyed taking a spin in grandpa's truck throughout the years. They loved that it because it had no seat belts! In 2010 I had it restored. We know drive it to church when the weather is good. The odometer read 27005 miles yesterday! I am not sure if grandpa would be happy or think I was crazy to put so much money into an old truck! I have a feeling he is up there simling!

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