Joe D 1973 Pontiac Grand Safari 4dr Station Wagon

Family Truckster

My 9 year old son always wanted a classic wagon, so when I came across this 73 Pontiac on Craigslist I had to have it. What I saw was a great canvas to work with, all the glass, chrome and the interior were there. The body was straight but rusty, the original Harvest Gold paint faded and the wood grain as well. Basically it needed a lot of TLC!

I brought it home on my trailer and surprised my son, the look on his face was priceless, he fell in love with it immediately, he jumped in it and was checking it out right there on the trailer, great moment for me!

When it was purchased the previous owner said the ignition was stuck but when he parked it the car was running. So I gave the key a hard turn and it turned, it was stuck but probably just from sitting for the last 7 years, so I tried to start it and it just turned over, I ordered a new distributer and the 455 fired right up. Soon after the car over heated, so I tore down the front end and the water pump and hoses were clogged with gunk, after this repair and driving the car, it wasn't long before the engine spoke to me and told me her rings were bad, so the project begins.

I pulled it into my garage and started the restoration process, first the 455 came out and I brought it to the machine shop for a complete rebuild and paint, other parts, Carb, exhaust Manifolds, ETC were sent off to various restoration shops across California. I then took the car to my Restoration shop ( Hamptons Auto body ) to paint the firewall, wheel wells and the engine compartment. Now for the engine color, I let my son pick the color so it's not the original Pontiac Blue, he chose a darker Blue, I believe it's Ford Blue. The exhaust manifolds I had Ceramic coated in Gold, the engine is just beautiful, so with the engine compartment repainted and the front end off I brought the 455 to the restoration shop and dropped it in right there, I couldn't wait to get her home and start putting it back together.

To be continued

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