leonard l 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere 2dr Hardtop Coupe

a loving grandmother

everyday i would pick up my grandmother after work at the bus stop.i was seventeen years old [ im now seventy five ] at the time i was driving a 1946 nash that i paid fifty dollars for it. one when i picked up my grandmother she said to me to find anothercar and i will help you pay for it,she did not make much money as she was a seamstress,i guess she felt sorry for me because the nash was in sorry shape.any ways i picked up 1951 plymouth belvadere two door hardtop,coloe was black top yellow bottom.i found a job delivering pizza.with that job i was able to buy fender skirts.and have the exhaust manifold split so i could put daul exhausts on the car.i loved that car and i was proud of it.many years have past i have never forgtten the car and my grandmother.one day on the internet i spoted plymouth just like the one i had same color,of course i could not aford as im on social secuity,i think of all the thingsi would do to it if i owned it. just good memories

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