Charlie F

The way it was still is for me.

In my 38th year of ownership of my 1965 Fastback. Didn't care for the coupe, but when the Fastback came out in 1965, took my wife and 4 kids to Hall Motors in Corcoran, Ca, and got the salesman to let us go for a test drive in his Fastback demo without him cause he wouldn't fit. By the time we got back, the kids were fussin'. "Get off me!, Move over!, Your foot is in my back" etc so I knew it was a no go. In 1976, 2 kids had gone on about their lives, we were living in Kansas City and I still had a hankering for a '65 so I checked the paper ever day. I believe this is the 1st one that appeared For Sale. I went for a short test drive and made a deal for $1050. The odometer turned to 00001 on my test drive and don't know if that was the 1st 100,000 miles or the 2nd. The car had been repaired from an accident and the repairs weren't too noticeable. It is Dark Ivy Green with the Ivy Gold interior. The motor is a 289, the transmission was a 3 speed but now a 4 speed installed with my wife's ex last year, and the brakes were front disc, rear drums. It had an R12 after market A/C system which has been updated to a Classic Auto Aire R134a system. When I was transferred back to CA in 1978, I had the usual midwest rust issues fixed by Bob Teague in Hanford; driver's floorboard was the carpet so a floorboard was made from a junked door as no floors were available, Fender lips were cut out and replaced with donors, and the car was repainted. I replaced the headliner, seat covers front and rear and door panels. The motor was puffing smoke so I got a short block. The original single exhaust fell off a block away from a Midas Muffler shop in Illinois in 1977, so I had a dual exhaust with crossover installed and I have no idea what brand of mufflers, but they are still in and loud. 3 years ago, I had the front aprons replaced, a new gas tank, a portion of the frame replaced, new calipers, rotors, proportioning valve, brake lines, drums, front coils, rear leafs, axle bearings, floor panels (to replace the fab'd ones), bumpers, and rear valance. The car was sold new at Fred's Ford Sales in Prescott, AZ. The owners manual shows a female who I haven't been able to find. Since I know who I bought it from in Missouri, I contacted the MO DMV and it was like pulling teeth to find out I am the 4th owner.

Charlie F

Lincoln, Ca

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