Wade B 1956 Chevrolet 210 2dr Sedan

Fourty Year Friendship, Lost & Found

Hello, Thank you for reading my story.

40 years ago while riding with my Mom to visit my Grandmother in San Mateo California I saw the car of my dreams, yes at 15 I dreamed of cars...We took a wrong turn, and on this side street was a 56 210 2dr sedan, I said "Mom!! Look at that car!!..Can we stop and look at it?"

(She was good about things like that,) The price...300.00 The old folks who owned it could no longer drive. I had saved money from my paper route and had the cash on hand. After some negotiation my Mom let me buy the car! I drove it 500 miles back to Bend Oregon, the old 265 V-8 used a bunch of oil on the trip home (mostly leaking) I was in heaven driving my prize home (with a learners permit) I had the car for a few years and sold it to a friend, It went missing for a few more years then in 1985 a friend asked me to go with him to look at a 56 Chevy wagon he wanted to buy. When we drove up to the place sitting next to the wagon was my old 56 Chevy! I asked if it was for sale and the guy said "I just sold it" I was devastated...He had sold it for 500.00 to someone in Portland OR. I asked if he would call the guy and see if he would let me buy my old car back...The call was made and the answer was "NO"

At the last minute before he hung up I said "Offer him 100.00 if we wont buy it." After a moment of silence...the answer was.."OK"

So for 600.00 I had my old car back. I got the car running again with a built 350 and ran it at the Madras OR dragstrip for a couple years then in 1987 I painted the car black and did a red velour interior. In April 2013 it was time to refurbish the car one more time. I completely disassembled, stripped and repainted it in the original Pinecrest green and installed a stock interior, Engine is a 383 with MSD Atomic EFI and Richmond 5 Speed. I still remember the day I bought the car 6 months shy of 40 years ago. It has been a great friend and such a flood of memories have been made over the years driving and working on my old Chevy.

PS Thanks to my Mom!

Thanks for reading.

Wade in Bend Oregon

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