Bob W 1967 Pontiac GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

The Day the Goat Got Away

It was 1968 and I had just turned 16 in the Motor City when I went with my Dad to the Woodward Ave Cruise. I saw her coming from several cars away and knew that instant that my dream car was The Great One. She was Cameo Ivory and sounded like her knuckles were dragging on the cement street. All eyes were on the '67 Goat. It truly did look like a 'rolling coke bottle' but you knew there was a Tiger under the hood. I thought I had seen the Royal Pontiac Bobcat Tune Up package sticker on her undercarriage. You could hear it coming before it ever got close. I had to have one. So, I asked my Dad to loan me $3,000 (I would work to make up the balance of $376 I told him), and when he finally stopped laughing and tearing up at the same time, he handed me $125 and said 'do your best now, but some day you'll be able to afford one'. That '67 Goat eluded me in 1968 and I bought a 1954 Ford Mainline from a Marine being inducted into the service. I drove her until I graduated from High School in Taylor, MI. Skip forward 44 years to 2012. I had long forgotten the One that Got Away. As a retired law enforcement guy, I yearned for a Harley police bike for my 60th birthday. My family was dead set against it thinking I would end up dumping it. They remembered the story my Dad would tell them about me wanting to borrow $3g for a car way back in Detroit. He enjoyed telling that to my kids. Well, to keep me off 2 tires, my family found this beauty in Hastings, NE. Now she is mine and I am forever grateful. Every now and then, I look up to the heavens and say to Dad: "It took 45 years to find The Great One that got away, but see, I finally got my dream car!"

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