Larry W 1989 Porsche Carrera 4

It can happen

30 years ago while living in Dallas, a Porsche 911 with a whale tail passed me on the highway and I thought to myself... someday that will be me.

Now at age 59 and living in Kansas City, I sat in my office doing my usual paperwork and noticed our graphics artist leaving early for the day. I asked.. bankers hours? He smiled and said he was going to a meet up with a client who wanted to place his car on craigslist. I asked out of curiosity, what's he got? He mentioned a '89 911 and I asked him to bring it by the office after the photo shoot.

The owner promptly brought it by the office and upon one look, I quickly realized that this "piece of art" was meant to be. Needles to say, it never made it on craigslist. Now I'm 6'4" and 245lbs., and one would think that it would be a tight fit. The only thing that hangs out while driving is my smile.

If this happened to me, it can happen to anyone... Keep on dreaming!

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