Debra S 1965

Saved NOVA

2004 we bought this 65 Nova it was a shell no interior, dash, steering wheel, wiring, nothing inside. The outside had no bumpers, doors, fenders, trunk, hood it was just a shell. My husband has 64 ford Galaxie 500 XL with warning plates built lightweight for high performance, we went to the salvage yard because we were told they had 64 sitting there, to find out it was a 63. We saw a line of cars headed to the crush machine, my husband saw the shell he looked at it and bought it . It took him 4 years he did all the work except body and paint my brother did that it is flawless no ripples, no bondo, small block, turbo 350, offienhieser intake dual carbs, every show the car goes to it wins. All done by love no big name people. And it competes against them.

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