Jeff L

First new car

This was my first new car...1973 AMC Gremlin X, The first picture is when the car was a week old. Already changed the wheels and tires! It was my daily driver for a few years (not in the winter) . Busy getting married and starting a family, house, and busy with business, the Gremlin didn't get driven too much. In 1975 I stuck it in a 10 X 10 shed, in the back yard, crawled out the back window , and left it there for the winter. Well, 26 years later we were moving so I had to get it out of the shed! The car didn't look too bad when I finally opened the shed doors. All the tires were flat and the exhaust was a pile of rust on the tar paper floor. I pulled the dist. and with a drill, I pumped up the oil pressure. I put a battery in and poured some gas down the carb and gave it a try. After 15-20 seconds she fired up, a lifter ticked for another 10 seconds then all was good and backed it out with NO brakes or exhaust! Fixed the brakes, exhaust, and gave it a polish and still driving it today. The next picture is the wife (same girl) and I 35 years later. We've been taking it to car shows for about 7 years now and always draw a crowd. Thought I would share. And also this is the car that's under the car cover I made!

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