John C 1971 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

Too many Headlights

It all started back a few years ago. My wife and I started attending Hot August Nights in Reno Nevada. We would go down in my 1942 Willy's Jeep. After several years she told me to find a car, she was tired of the jeep. Her stipulations were Automatic, Convertible and it had to be from around the 1970's. That is what she grew up with. After several months I found a 1971 Black on Black Ford Mustang Convertible down is Southern California. It had been a project but not quite finished. Well that is how she became part of our family. We have taken her to the Hot August Nights for the past 4 years. She is not a show car but looks great from a few feet back. We get lots of thumbs up and several funny comments. One night on the cruise down South Virginia Street with my Buddy and I upfront and 3 pretty Blonds, one being my wife, up on the back of the car. A guy yells out "HEY THERE ARE TOO MNAY HEADLIGHTS ON YOUR CAR". We all got a good chuckle. Another night while cruising once again with my Buddy and 3 pretty blonds on the back. A guy looked at Me then at the girls back at me and said "I GOT TO GET SOME WHEELS". Everyone should have a Convertible and a Blond at least once in their life. It defiantly makes you feel young again.

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