Linda S 1955 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

How the song "Fun Fun Fun" was inspired.

My older brother was in college in northern California. He had a 55 Thunderbird that our dad gave to him for use at college. He & his buddy used to go hot-rodding and since they were both pilots, they decided to pack a parachute in the trunk of the thunderbird to "override" the brakes!! When our dad found out about it, he blew his top and the T-bird came home. At that time I was driving my mom to work in her brand new 1963 Galaxy FORD 500. It didn't take long for my dad to figure out that we needed a car for me to drive to school and the Thunderbird was the answer.

I was quite a sight wherever I rolled up in that Torch Red 55 T-Bird. There was a teenage "nightclub" in our town and me and my girlfriends used to go and listen to the singing groups, which included a group who called themselves the "Beachboys". Meanwhile my dad got impatient with the situation and took the T-Bird away. When the Beachboys heard about what had happened they were inspired to compose "FUN FUN FUN".

Years later when my dad passed away, he left me a little money. I put it in a bank account and it was there for about 30 years. One day, I was talking with my neighbor across the street (he is also a car buff) and he told me that he came across a 1955 Thunderbird that was for sale at a nearby classic car dealership in CA. He & I drove up there just to "take a look", but at the end of the day I drove "my baby" home.

Not long after, I drove to my 30th college class reunion in in my T-Bird.. Just as I rolled down the off ramp and onto the avenue a song came on my radio..................................YOU GUESSED IT!!!! FUN FUN FUN

When my 5 year old grand daughter, sat in it for the first time ( she was in the driver's) she turned and said: Gramma?/? When you die can I have this car?!?! My grand daughter is now 17.

To this day "My Baby" is "living" with me.

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