Craig T 1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite 2dr Hardtop Coupe


When I was 17 I had a full time job working grave yard and going to my junior yr of high school and had saved enough money to start looking for a car. My dad consented and we went to the ford dealer in Newton where he traded for a new Mercury every two years. As we pulled into the lot, sitting right up front on a center podium was a beautiful dark green 1968 Roadrunner two door hardtop, with a 383 and 727 auto, with magnum 500 wheels and firestone wide ovals. I had just fallen in love. My dad not being a motor head, thought the car was just a mid sized family car, until it started ....... LOL .... After some hard talking we went in and he negotiated with his normal sales man and I walked out of that dealership with my very first car a 68 RR in july of 1969 for 1400 bucks. I drove that car for five years and sold it. You know how it is the older you get the more you reminisce of your youth. I have always regretted selling one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time. Well here two years ago I was browsing craig's list and came across a 68 satellite that had been sitting in a shed for 15 yrs in the high plato area of Colorado. I contacted the seller and said I would be there the next day to buy it and pick it up. went and borrowed a trailer, a new batter and 5 gal of gas. I got there looked the car over and fell in love all over again. the car still had original paint and interior, the paint was a 3 and interior was about a 5. But looking down both sides and in the trunk, there was not one spot of rust in this car and not even one door ding down either side of the car. On the spot I payed the seller for the car and he helped me get the tires all aired up. I installed the battery, poured gas down the carb and after 10 or so cranks the old 383 fired to life all I could do is grin , I put it in gear and it moved, I put my foot on the brake and it continued to move. The car had been sitting for so long that the brake fluid had all evaporated out of it. I had quit a time getting it onto the trailer, but all was good. It is a labor of love, working on my old mopar and driving it around. It is a work in progress and will be until I am gone and pass it on to a loved one.

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