jean w 1967 chevrolet pickup stepside

the truck

One of the first trucks my husband owned was a 1967 pickup. He worked on it himself and being a teenager on a limited budget it was definitely not a show truck but he loved it. Because of life and things that come with it he had to sell the truck. Later in life he found a 67. He did all the restoration himself, saved money, bought parts and fought with the truck. After five years of trial and error, lots of man hours, and a few tools being thrown it was finished. He truly did all the work himself. The truck has been entered in a few car shows but that is not what is important, he drives it. When the weather is right, no hail storms, he drives it. We have taken it on road trips throughout our home state and it always turns heads. He is lucky enough to have his "first truck" back and it is a little hot rod that he loves to drive.

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