Jim M 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2dr Hardtop Coupe

hooked on the feeling

I wanted a good classic car for a long time, being 58 years young back in the day I drove, rode in, and smashed a lot of good cars from a Superbird to a 74 Chevy Vega station wagon with a 400 csb in it. So 5 years ago I bought a 72 Olds Cutlass Supreme that was red with a white painted top. UGLY!!!!!!!!!! That winter I painted it, redid the interior, and dropped a 455 in it that I built up. that was when the bug bit me. Now I own that car a 1936 Chevy Pickup with a 355c.i. that I build, and a 1974 MGB that I put a 302 in. My wife is beginning to pick on me about all the toys I have she says that we can have our own car show. my next adventure is a 1946 Chevy Fleet Master that I purchased already I am having a blast working on these cars,

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