Jerry B 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 2dr Holiday Coupe

True Love and the Pink Lady

My wife and I dated in my 1957 pink Ollsmobile. We drove the '57 to be 1962. We loved outr57 but did sale it. We were so sorry and have looked for one for many years and a couple of years ago I made a wrong turn and saw what I thought was a tale light from a "57 and sure enough a Pink "57. I did talk to the man but it was his wives and she was not home. She had bought the car when she graduated and drove 62,000 miles and then stored it. The next day I took my wife to see it and no one was at home. Then a few days later my wife and one of our daughters drove to see it and sure enough no one was there, but our daughter googled the address and got the ladies phone number and name. She did phone the lady and told the lady she had the perfect parents and they would love to own her car since they had dated in one, she told them it was so important to her that her parents own it if they could not afford she would buy for us. Well a bout a month later, I was working and the owner of the '57 phoned and ask if I wanted to purchase the her car, at first I did not realize it was the '57 and when she said it was the "57, I just sit down, could not believe it. I phoned my wife and she was so excited she started to cry. The next day we went and purchased the car. Not only do we love our "Pink Lady' but our 8 children are so excited that we have the car. Now our Grandchildren are using our "Pink Lady" to get married.

I did try to paste a picture, it is original

Thank you,

Jerry Bozone

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