Once in a life time.

This story started in 1994 I had heard that a Pointiac Dealer that was close by was selling out and closing the doors,but they had some old Pointiac Dealer Signs that they were going to sell.I have been an old sign collector for a long time and have a soft spot in my hart for Pontiacs.So I called one of the brothers that owned the Dealer Ship and got a date to meet with him to look at the signs.So when we got there we being my wife and my son they are in to the Pointiacs also,we all went inside to see the signs.My wife and myself went with the owner to a down stairs to part of the Dealership where the signs were and my son was upstairs looking around, what he came across was some old cars that were in another room next to the showroom of the business one had a car cover on it.So we worked a deal and bought the Dealer Signs that he had and worked out a time to pick them up in a few days.My wife and myself had no idea what my son had found upstairs.We got back upstairs my son came to us and said you are going to belive what I found he said follow me,we went to the room that had the cars in it.There was a 1965 GTO Conv. A 1962 Corvair Pick Up,1962 356 Porsche,But the one with the car cover on it my son whispered to me that it was a 1969 Trans AM.So we looked all of the cars over and asked the owner one of the brothers if these cars were for sale.He told us that they all belonged to the other part owner brother,and he would ask him and let me know.A period of time went by and no word,one morning I got a phone call and it was the owner of the cars he told me that they were for sale and we agreed on a time to meet but he did tell me that there were many people asking about them but we were the first.We got to the Dealership on time my wife,son,and myself,he asked what we were interested in the Trans AM it was my pick of all the cars and wish we could have bought all of them but not enough money for that.My son and my self got in the Trans AM and took it for a drive. When we got back I was talking to the owner about the price,and noticed that my wife was talking to a man and a woman in the showroom and the man looked upset and he stormed out aftering saying something to the woman that was with him.My wife told us later that the man told her that he was there to talk with the owner about buying the Trans AM,and he was to be there the day before but did not have the time to come that day.I asked my wife why the guy left so mad.She told me that she told him that the Trans AM was already sold that we had just bought it.And that was when the guy blamed his wife for missing out on the deal because of her and not coming the day before.But it worked out good for all of us and still have the car and did post a few photos.Thanks to all for letting me tell my story.

The Fox Family,

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    Robert FOX Sherrills Ford NC. July 23, 2014 at 17:21

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