Eric S 1966 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Coupe

My Brothers first new car, Then my first car

My brother bought this car new. It was delivered Oct. 29, 1965, He drove it until 1972 when he decided to retore it to new. Things happened and it did not go as planned. He gave me the car tore down to the body in 1978. It was to be my graduation present from my parents.They bought what was needed, any extras was my side. Got the car in April Of 1978 and got her on the road in August, just in time for my senior year. Met my wife in that car, got married in that car and am still happily married to her and still enjoy cruising in the old girl (cars nickname). Went to Charlotte for 50th birthday. Been to Atlanta for the 25th MCA ann. and Nashville for the 40th ann. We LOVE this car,Its a BIg part of the family!!!!

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