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We were at a car show with my husbands 1972 Mustang Mach 1 and a friend came up to us and told us to go investigate this really sharp Mustang in another area of the just might be for sale. We immediately headed to the area even though we really were not looking for another Mustang. We turned the corner and there she was, you couldn't miss her. She was beautiful inside and out and even underneath. The only problem was the woman didn't want to sell her. I asked permission to call her and check in with her periodically to see if she would be ready to sell. She said sure and then told us the story of the car. It had belonged to her brother-in-law, Jim, who spent the last months of his life with her and her husband. After he passed the car went to them but not being car people they just parked it for 4 years and this was the first time the car had been out since his passing. It had to be fate. After several months of weekly calls and 3 or 4 visits to them at their home so they could get to know us and we them, the woman called me and said, "she is yours come and get her." I couldn't believe it. It was though they had been making sure we would love and take care of the car as much as Jim did. The car was actually vermilion in color but the rest of story tells the true color, peanut butter cup orange. When Jim bought the car it was blue and he was going to keep her original when his friend and body man told him he should make the car his with his own personal stamp on it. Since he loved peanut butter cups with a passion he took a wrapper from one to the paint shop and matched it with a Ford color and had her painted to match. Whenever someone expressed a great interest in her at the car shows he would gladly visit with them, tell them her history and give them a peanut butter cup. After purchasing the car and knowing how much he had loved her we now carry on the tradition of passing out peanut butter cups to those who show a greater interest in the car and include his story in our discussion of the history of the car. That's how my 1973 Mustang Mach 1 came to be painted peanut butter cup orange and I hope I meet Jim's approval with my care and love of the car. As a closing note; this past weekend she won Best of Show at a 50th anniversary Mustang Stampede in a corral of 130 cars. I could just see Jim smiling and nodding his approval.

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