Tim B

What goes around, comes around.....

My first car was a 1971 Buick Skylark that I bought and restored at 15 before I got my license. It had the original 350 small block with some mods I installed with minimal income. Within a couple months of burning rubber and changing three pairs of rear tires, I managed to blow it up. It was so bad that one of the connecting rods blew out the side of the block and ruined the motor. I quickly began searching for a replacement and within a month I dropped in another 350. That day happened to be July 3rd. and I wanted to take the car out to go see fireworks with my friends. After the fireworks were done my friends urged me to "light em up"! So I of course obliged and made some nice lines in the road within traffic. The cop directing traffic did not like that and pulled me over right away. He gave me a fine after he paced off the black marks. The fine was $250.00. He charged me by the foot. And because it was positration the fine was double! I managed to keep it a secret from my parents for 25 years. I did however tell my two boys the story and my youngest son spilled the beans to my parents around a campfire one night. They laughed it off in amazement that I kept it a secret that long!!!

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