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Dad this is the best day of my life

When my son was 9 we took a vacation to northern california to see Eureka Ca , as well as pic up some hard to find classic car parts for the '67 Camaro project we were working on .On the way up we had visited the state capital and Mt.Shasta and various other tourist destinations. Going back to LA I was trying to get back to the central valley so we would not have to drive down the coast,for we had done that drive many times and we were trying to save time and miles on the way home.

Being a guy I didn't have it in me to go to a gas station and buy a map .It would be a lot easier to find my own way. I found a road heading east from the 101 and decided to try it .This road lead to Holister CA where we had lunch . Then we pressed on, the road turned into hwy 25 and went south .This is the most magical road in California; NO side streets,NO stop signs NO traffic, literally you were only seeing what the indians had seen only 200 years earlier. This road and that day were amazing it was like being in a drivers nirvana .

You could see 10 mi down the road the pavement was fresh and I'm stuck in a toyota 4runner.Why couldn't I have been in my 308 or 930? we only saw 2 other people on that stretch of heaven and we stopped and talked to them because they to thought it was a phenomenon .This road ended at the 198 which took us to Colinga california and then to hwy 5 which took us back to LA

The memory of that amazing road stuck in my head for years and I couldn't wait to get back there with a real car. The curiosity of and young boy when he learns to drive, is to see what the car will do. And rather than wait til my son had a load of teenagers in a city street braking the law ,I hatched my plan.

By the time my son turned 14 I had bought a used boxster . my original plan was to flip the car and make some money then when I found out how well that mid engine car handled I kept it for several years .Our vacation that summer was to go to Pebble Beach.So we set out at in the afternoon and sped up the 5 to Colinga California .Then we had dinner there then tore down the 198 as fast as that Boxster could go ,my arms glued to the wheel and my eyes looking as far down the road as they could see, my son yelled out at one point YOU ARE GOING A HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN. About only a half hour down that road we came upon the magic sign that said HOLISTER 72 MILES NO SERVICES. I pulled over and my 14 yr old son said "whats the matter" and I replied "nothing , your driving " I gave him 3 rules : dont kill us, dont kill the car , and If you even touch the center line, game over. My son has been on motorcycles since he was 5 so I knew that he knew how to shift .

So we traded seats and plugged in Led Zepplin 4 and he proceeded down the road . He did very well his first couple of miles and my heart was in my throat then he got up to speed and said "I always wondered how you knew when to power out of a turn ,now I know " he was hitting eighty and ninety on that road and not even once touched the double yellow . we made it to Holister in about a half hour then he pulled over to let me drive . He looked at me and said "DAD ,THIS IS THE BEST DAY IN MY LIFE"

I thought about doing this for years before it happened . And to this day I dont think either one of us could ever forget.

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