DENNIS B 1953 MG TD 2dr Roadster


My first car was a green 1953 MG-TD. At that tender age, I knew something about cars--but not much. I definitely did not know where all the grease fittings were located. I went to pick up my then girl friend at her summer home, about 60 or so miles from our city. Interstates were not available on the route I had to take. The event was special, and I got there on time. However, just before I arrived to pick her up, the clutch and brakes were doing something strange. Whenever I applied the brake, the clutch would disengage. Whenever I pushed in the clutch pedal, the brakes were applied. When I stopped in her driveway and had a chance to look, both pedals went in together no matter which individual pedal was pushed. Step on the brake pedal and the clutch pedal went down, and vice-versa. They were fixed together solidly. My thoughts went to "Oh no! What is she going to think? Both of me and of my car."

Cringing as I walked her back to my formerly trusty green MG, I explained the situation. I discussed how I thought we could handle all the stop signs and traffic lights. At first we tried to start the car with her in the drivers seat and me pushing. We could get it started, but she could not coordinate keeping it running while I jumped in (and then how were we to change seats?) She insisted she would push. We got it going and off we went--me trying to match shifts with RPM's and she, to my great delight, whooping and hollering like this was a great adventure. We made the drive, rolling stop signs and only barely running 1 or 2 red lights. Police were luckily absent from our route at those critical times.

It was the most fun I ever had on any of the many drives we took. My fears of losing a girl friend were completely unfounded and I got her there on time. Unfortunately I never drove the car again. Those of you that know the car know that one pedal pivots around a shaft from the other pedal. There is a grease fitting at that pivot point that I and apparently previous owners and mechanics knew nothing about. I got the parts to repair it, but decided to do a further restoration and fell into the wrong person to do the job. Even more unfortunately, I lost the girl friend a few years later--she was cool! I wonder if she remembers the evening ride in the old green 1953 MG-TD with the sticky pedals.

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