Kevin F 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 2dr Convertible


As a teenager I tended to hang out with older kids It seemed they always had the best toys.I got to drive around the farm with a field bomb a 62 impala 4 door . the older kids had the good stuff 57 chevy 150 with 2x4s 61 impala sport coupes w/348 66 chevelle novas 66 corvette w/427 But the one that really got to me was a 66 chevy impala base line 427 425 hp then was modifyed to over 600 hp .e sunday got to hang out with the older kids and go to the drags we all met up at the owners farm for breakfast and to check out the progress on the work done to car over night in a barn his father had contracted mechanics from the local chevrolet dealership to put in new rear end gears 4.88s the car looked somewhat stock with the steel wheels stock green paint and white top but on closer inspection you saw the 3inch exhaust pipes exiting under the bumper the cheater slicks om the steel wheels and the hurst stick in the interior the mechanics backed the car out for the car to go on test ride claton asked who wanted to go 3 of us volountered his father brother and me I rode shotgun as we pulled out on the road and got squared up he reved it and let it go it something Ill never forget the car jumped throwing you back in the seat and pinning you there as he went through all 4 gears I tried to go forward to grab dash to see where we were going but could only look out side window its an experince Ill never forget and probley makes me the way I am with my cars and got the bug rolling for me side note the 66 still around on its 3rd owner and is completely restored to original 427/ 425

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