Richard S 11971 Pontiac Tempest

My trek across the U.S.

In February, of 1965, I trekked across the U.S. from

Ossining, N.Y., to Santa Monica, Cal. I left Ossining @ Noon on a Friday,and reached Santa Monica, Cal., 2 days and 21 hours later. I had 2 friends from Ossining living there for 2 years. I stayed with them 'til May of '65. We split the rent of $119.00/month 3 ways. That was 1965. Today, the same one bedroom apartment rent goes for $1,250 We were only 9 blocks from Santa Monica beach, on 9th and Broadway. It was a blast. I couldn't find a job. Harry, also, had only the money he had come with. I came there with my life savings($378.00). One of the guys, Beezy Friese, had a job with his uncle in Downtown L.A. Harry, the other guy, and I, got into local poker games, splitting our wins and losses. Then, in May, Harry and Bill both received their draft notices. I, luckily, did not. It was the time of Laos, before Vietnam Thing started. Harry and I both drove back to Ossining. He went to Korea for 19 months and Beezy was sent to Okinawa. They both returned home safely, after their time in. That was the 60's. Bill and Harry have since passed. Harry had 3 sons and Beezy, never married. It was a fun time!! I am now married for 42 years, retired, with my retired Wife, and two adult daughters, both living in Manhattan with their own careers, One, Darian, with the N.Y Stock Exchange, as a Broker, and, the other, Jylian, a fashion designer, specializing in sweaters.

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