Tracy C 1959 MG MGA 2dr Roadster

MG - A love story

Gerry bought his first MG in April of 1997. He will tells people that he was in the middle of a full blown mid-life crisis when he saw this ugly brown, half-dead, 70 MG B. It was hideous but he was instantly in love with it. So, he paid too much for it and brought it home.

Gerry was on the road a lot at that time and he really had not done a lot to improve the car when he decided to drive it to the drive in a month later. That is where we met for the first time. People often wonder how you can meet someone at a drive in, but if you know that I am the kind of person that talks to everyone and it you know what it was like to be a part of AOL in 1997, you know how we managed to meet. We had a good time visiting that night and a week or so later decided to go out on a date.

In June, Gerry joined the Kansas City MG Car Club and started attending car shows with his very ugly little British car. It was in August that he asked me to join him for a car club event. It was a drive in night event. They were all meeting at Sonic. I said I would and off we went. I met a few people that night but not many. We had a nice dinner and visited for a long time. Turned out it was the wrong night though. The nice part is one of the people that we met invited to an dinner that was at her house for the Kansas City Triumph car club. We agreed and joined her for the dinner party the following week. There, we learned about an overnight run that was done every year in October and was invited to join them. They all talked about what a great time it was and were very enthusiastic about it so we said we would go.

I don't remember a lot of the details about that run. I do remember we had a great time. Plus, despite all my doubts about Gerry's ugly little car, we had no car trouble. I had a great time and now I was in love with the little car as much as he was. We did everything in that little car and we joined the car club for several events, the people were a blast.

It was in December of that same year that we were sitting at the car club's annual Christmas party. The club was voting on their officers for the following year. They were having problems getting someone to take over the newsletter. I was telling Gerry I could do this for the car club easily. He kept telling me not to volunteer. The couple across from us was laughing at our argument. I would occasionally make a comment about him to them and they would laugh. I didn't volunteer because Gerry had asked me not to. At the end of the night, I simply walked up to the new president and told him if he didn't get a newsletter editor to call me. A month later he did and I started doing the newsletter.

I had been doing the newsletter for a couple of months when I decided I was going to write a series of articles about hosting an event since I had never hosted an event. I posted my intentions in the newsletter and invited anyone that wanted to join me in the experience to let me know and we could do this together. My next article I wrote about what I was planning for an event. It was after this article that I got a phone call from a lady that said she and her husband would like to do this with us. So we set up a lunch date to meet and talk about the event and start working on the details. We got to the restaurant that day and it was the couple that had sat across from us at the Christmas party. Their names were Rob and Tommie and they had a 51 MG TD that they were restoring.

It is 2014 now. We don't have the ugly brown MG B anymore, It couldn't stand up to teen-age drivers forever and finally gave up the spirit. The car we have now has a whole other story associated with it. Gerry and I have been married for 15 years. Rob and Tommie are our oldest and closest friends. Every close relationship we have has the MG involved in it in some way. We would not have the same relationship we have today without one.

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