dom c 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe


America in 1958 was a magical place. Especially for a 10 year old Italian boy having just moved here from Italy. I came from a small town where only a few people owned cars and yes those few cars were Fiats. Here in America, cars were big and shinny and beautiful and there were lots of them. I was spellbound riding in my uncle's 1958 Chevrolet Impala convertible. It was white with red interior and I fell in love with that car. He later sold it and purchased a 1964 Bonneville convertible. He was a rag top man all right. In 1963 I was working in a local bakery shop learning to bake bread at 4 am before going to school covered in white flour and trying hard not to fall asleep in class. The owner had just purchased a brand new chevy and he asked me to take a ride with him and his brother to pick up his new car. To my surprise the car he was picking up was a midnight blue 1963 Corvette Sting Ray with fuel injection. The car was absolutely amazing. The lines, the body style, that fuel injected motor! Riding in that car for the first time, I swore I would own one someday. After doing a few tours in Viet Nam I finally came home in 1971 and went to work helping my family out. I still dreamed of that 63 vette but had no means to even think about buying one. And so came a long list of Chevelle's, Camaro's, GTO's and various other chevy's. Time passes as it does for us all and I found myself married with a couple of kids and still getting excited when I saw a Vette at local car shows. I finally bought a 1971 convert with a 350 engine. Sold it a few years later and actually made a few dollars on it. We bought a new 1975 T top with a 350 engine and sold it several years later and again made a few dollars. One day coming home from work I saw her. There she was, a 1967 vette coupe. 327/350hp motor with 4 speed trans and factory side pipes. Goodwood green and For sale. I had to stop, I had to have her. I asked the owner a few questions trying hard not to show my true feelings but he saw right through me and asked if i wanted to take her out for a test drive. I couldnt believe he was going to intrust his prize posession to me. He gave me the keys and told me to be carefull. Driving that car was like riding in that sting ray again many years back. I came back, not that I wanted to and we talked over coffee about cars and finally about price. I made him an offer that I was sure he was going to refuse but to my surprise he accepted. He was moving to South America and he was in a bind. (yes, things like this do happen). In all my excitement I had forgotten to even talk with my wife about this purchase but knowing how much I wanted an early model sting ray, she didnt hesitate at all and told me to treat myself after working so hard as I do. I could go on and on about my 67 but I will end my story by telling you this, shortly after doing work on the car such as new clutch and rebuilding trans and driveline, tires, brakes etc. i I was out just driving in town enjoying my 67, when a woman ran a stop sign and nearly took the entire front end hood and all off the car. I was as heart broken as I was angry and all I could do was sit on the curve waiting for the police to arrive. through all her appologies for running that stop sign, all I could see was the car of my dreams all mangled. Through the efforts of Hagerty, a body shop was found and allthough I waited over 6 months for the proper parts and hood assembly to be located, i finally got my car back. I want to say thank you once more in this letter to you wonderful people at Hagerty for your excellent service and committment to your customers but more then that, i want to thank you for giving me back my dream car.

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