Gene W 1929 Ford Model A 2dr Tudor Sedan

"My Dream Classic Almost Cost My Marriage"

I, after watching our Government crash and burn, decided to put some money into a nice vintage auto. I looked on ebay and several other places, online auto sales sites, etc... and landed on Vanguard Motors out of Detroit which had some really nice autos and their streaming video by the mechanic "expert" had me sold that they knew what they were doing.

I decided in a 1929 Model A that was really sharp and the video was very good on the coverage of the condition of the Classic. I was confident in their verification of the condition of the Model A but to my surprise, they didn't.

The transport gets to my house and unloads without a hitch and my wife and i are tickled pink and proud owners of what we thought was a ready to drive Classic model A (with chevy 350) and all the chrome you would need to empress your friends and onlookers.

We placed the sar in the garage and the next day we headed across town on I95 to show it to my brother and his wife. Right off the bat I knew something was a miss. I had to jump the car to start it. After speaking with Vanguard and they told me the battery was just replaced, I figured it just needed to be driven to charge the system.

We had gone about five miles and the Model A left us high and dry on the side of a busy expressway with a dead battery, i thought. I waited an hour and a half for the wrecker with a wife that was highly irregular and very unhappy.

After the wrecker finally arrived I had the car taken to my house because I did not know at that time who I needed to take it to for repair, or rather would be well versed in that kind of rebuild.

The next day I went to a parts house and bought a battery and had a Auto Repair Shop replace the battery and everything was supposed to be OK,right? Well, not exactly!

It happened again with my wife beside herself by this time and you know what an "I told you so", can sound like. I went to Advance Auto, bought a jack headed home, jacked up the car and found the positive cable melted to the muffler. Obviously, it must have been like this at Vanguard and they did not search for a problem when replacing the battery.

The next day I had it taken to an "expert" in the field of classic Autos we will call Mike. He did a great job of tieing up the cable, replacing and repairing the Model A for proper travel and my wife was ready to renew our vows with the results.

You can't always go by what someone says during a sale period.

They just did not go far enough and it caused us planty of grief but since that time we love the car and think of the history that might be related with our Model A.

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