Michael S 1955 Chevrolet 150 2dr Utility Sedan

The car of my dreams 15 years worth the wait

This car was a military vehicle back in 1955 in California. Purchased in 1961 and brought back to Elkhart, Indiana and turned into a drag car. I am the fifth owner of this car. This car was put into storage in 1973 after the owner blew the motor at a local drag strip. I purchased this vehicle in 2006 for $3,500 dollars. The car was complete minus motor and transmission. The exterior color was gold and interior black. It had 9 inch wide slicks with cragers on the back and 4 inch wide tires with cragers on the front old school. 2 inch high fiber glass scoop on the hood. I spent a year looking for parts needed before starting my frame off restoration which started in October 2007 and was completed in 10 months. The car was painted 1981 gold wing motor cycle color called Hot Rod Yellow with pearl paint. The interior is a 2006 Lincoln LS with lumbar and power, It has a Pontiac rear end. The round gas door came out of a Oldsmobile and the hood scoop insert is from a 2006 GTO. The motor is a late 80's 350 300 HP with a 1965 4 speed Muncie M20 transmission. The tires are BF Goodrich with Torque Thrust rims 15 x 7 rear and 15 x 6 front. Drum brakes rear and disc brakes front. The trunk is finished like most hot rods except for an idea that I had to put in a craftsman 2 drawer tool box centered in the trunk filled with metric and standard tools. You never know when and where a break down may happen. This car is a driver. It has won many awards at car shows and also local car show swap meets.

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