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Davey the Firebird

Davey's story began in December of 2006. When My Dad had the opportunity to carry out my uncle Davey's dream of getting his 1968 Pontiac Firebird show ready while learning about cars at the same time. It has been an unbelievable experience. Since then, I have gone from knowing very little about cars, to someone who feels like he knows a few things (Firebirds anyway). When I first got this car, I knew enough to be dangerous when it came to almost any kind of auto repair. Since then, I have been directly involved all the repairs on this bird (I did most of the work myself, with help occasionally from my father in law or from a friend or two and occasionally my Son for the big stuff). After a lot of work, Davey the 1968 Firebird runs and looks great!

Several years ago, my uncle bought this car from a friend. While he had it, it was kept in storage while he worked on it daily as his end came near. Oh, I forgot to mention, my uncle was fighting throat cancer. He had beaten it several times and was on the road to recovery when his last bout overcame him. Anyway, back to my story. Mechanics run in my family. My grandfather as well as each of my uncle’s is an” old school mechanic”. This particular uncle was the most gifted mechanic in the family. Growing up I saw him acquire and repair a variety of muscle cars- a 55, a 57, a GTO, a Chevelle, and a Camaro, Nova and even a Thunderbird. Anyway, Davey a gifted mechanic was rebuilding this bird using old school build ups such as double camel hump fuelie heads, .40 over flat top pistons, Edelbrock intake, an Isky honked up cam and a high energy coil system. Generally, he leveraged technology of the past.

When he first got the car, it had a boring Pontiac 350 engine (not the original engine). He pulled out the Pontiac 350 along with the tranny, and installed a rebuilt 350 SBC along with a TH350. He was anxious to drive the car and once the engine was dropped in, he did what he could to get her to run. For example, he used plugs and a carburetor he had on laying around the shelf (Holley 650 double pumper). To get the car running. Unfortunately, it never ran great, as it needed a little more TLC to come back to life.

As the end came near, my aunt and dad were looking for someone in the family who could buy the car from my uncle to keep it in the family. It was at this point, my wife and I entered the picture. After a conversation with her and further convincing on the part of my dad I bought the car from my uncle. He passed away two weeks later. Hence, The Firebird story began.

6 months after I had the car running I put her in MY first car show (she had been in shows years before). You’ll never know how great it felt when my aunt showed up at the show and told me how proud my uncle would have been. Per my aunt, his goal was the same.

This will turn into a never ending story. I have many plans for this car yet to come. In addition, my son is now an avid classic car fan. Someday, he will continue the tradition.

A few years have passed since and we have named the car Davey in honor of my Uncle. The car won its first trophy a few months ago and my son still enjoys learning about cars today and is currently helping me get the car ready to do an engine swap for a 400. Out of a 78 Trans Am. And my son is taking the 350 Chevy for his Bel Air and I am helping him with it.

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