lyle t 1972 Chevrolet El Camino 2dr Pickup

Wheat Line Fever

In the early 70's I was traveling back to NY State from college in central Kansas. In the early morning hours of my trip toward Buffalo, NY I looked into my mirror and saw a 1968 Charger approaching fast. Being young, and probably a bit hard headed, and since it was early in the Am, and in a rural area of Interstate 70, I decided the race would be on. Driving a midnight blue 66 Buick Skylark GS Convertible we took off racing each other for several miles bordered by Kansas Wheat fields as we approached speeds in the 90's to low 100's. As I recall we passed each other a couple times each and after he passed me in his Olive Green missle one last time I let him go on till he disappeared and I settled back to the 75mph speed limit. As 70 wound ahead through the golden fields I rounded a sweeping curve and an overpass and there on the other side of the overpass sat my "friend" in the Charger and his new "friend", a Kansas Highway Patrolman with ticket book in hand. I gave the horn a soft toot as I went by and my "friend" nodded glumly as he awaited his new paperwork! Years later when i got to watch the movie White Line Fever i realized that to a degree I had participated in my own Wheat Line Fever!

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