Trina M

They said we would never make it!

My husband bought me a 1969 AMC Javelin SST "true survivor" in mist green with a v6 290. I was very excited to take it on a road trip, however we did not have time to go through the car and engine. She had been in Georgia for two years and the previous owner had done quite a bit of work to her already. We decided to do the ECCO Challenge and Photo Scavenger Hunt from Fountain Hills, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ in May. The trip would take us the back way through Payson and a few other small towns. We decided my husband would drive our 2009 Challenger SRT 8 with a 6.1 Hemi, just in case. The car cruise left Fountian Hills and started the trip up to Payson. I was driving in front of my husband and we were using Walkie talkies to communicate. My husband gets on the radio and said I am babying the car at 65mph and we need to pick up speed to catch up to the group. To my surprise, I saw the Challenger blow past me. That was not acceptable so I pulled into the left lane and hit the gas. The speedometer does not work, but I was not concerned with that. We were in the middle of nowhere with light traffic. I passed my husband and kept pulling away. After a few minutes, he came on the radio again and said "Slow down, your doing 90!" I let off the gas a little and about twenty minutes later we started to see the outskirts of Payson. We pulled into the gas station to refuel before jumping over to the casino for a car show. As I got out, a biker approached me and wanted to know what I was leaking. Of course, my husband heard this from the next pump and came over. There was black fluid mixed with antifreeze pouring out. We pushed the car off to the side of the gas station while we tried to arrange a tow. AAA would only tow the vehicle five to ten miles tops and $5 a mile after that, we were 104 miles from home, so $500. We called Hagerty and the rep was awesome. We upped the policy to include 120 mile towing for $40. She then talked to her supervisor and had the change effective immediately. We were sitting in the Challenger making the phone calls and noticed 20 or 30 people walk over to the Javelin. Some people even offered to buy the car, her state license plate is "Not4Sle". Haggerty arranged the tow and the driver picked up the car and dropped it off at our door with a family member. We continued on the car cruise in the Challenger and enjoyed the weather and scenery. That night we went to the car cruise banquet and awards ceremony in Flagstaff. My car won the "They said we would never make it" Award. Well, the block was tested and it's fine. She needs a new radiator cap, a good flushing and a thermostat worthy of Arziona high temperatures. My husband emailed the previous owner to let him know about our experience. He forgot to tell us the car sat in California for 30 years before he bought it. We consider ourselves very lucky the way things turned out. And a million "Thank yous" to Haggerty for getting the car home safe instead of sitting at a gas station with a bunch of strangers eyeing up the car.

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