Julie R 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4dr Sedan

The Trip Around the World and Down Memory Lane

The memories, the legacy and the generations. This car, this outstanding car has taken my thoughts and my heart for my family. My father passed away a few years back in a tragic and heartbreaking plane crash. But certainly doing something he loved, flying. A bronze star holder, an incredible father to my brothers and myself, an amazing husband to my precious mother, a true Military hero in my eyes. Often as I look at this Mercedes now my car, I see, I smell and I hear my father and his father in every aspect. My dad was one of my best friends who inspired me to always leave the windows open to new things and the pedal to the gas helping to change lives of others as I pass by. To also use the brakes wisely when needed and never not enjoy the wind blowing in my hair as life is but a short stay for us all. Now I hold simple memories, I recall getting to fly in his Cessna 310 and hold my daddy's hand as he drove to get ice cream or to take me to swing at the park in this classic car. People would admire and ask about it often and he would smile and simply say his father had loved his classic Mercedes. I recall my senior prom as my father stood in the garage holding my car door but not to ever mention he was secretly keeping me from hitting the sitting Mercedes he cherished next to it. After he passed and I was going through old picture slides from the attic. They were full of the different adventures my father, his father and my Uncle had taken in this incredible car. I found a legacy of books written in German of various gas stops or Mechanical fixes on this car as I could hardly read the small print of my now gone but never forgotten relatives who journeyed in this car. I recall his incredible car stories and seasons passing using this car. My grandfather a worldly traveler had purchased this Mercedes Benz 280SE in Germany. My uncle whom my father called a brotherly military name would often refer to my father, his brother as "Sarge". The two brothers would travel together with their father my Grandfather, on a European journey as they drove this incredible car. The car was driven on the Autobahn German Highway and beyond and paid for shipping overseas in order to finally reach California its at the time, new home. Years passed and my fathers father passed away and there my father held the key to this Mercedes and his memories from it. For many years, from the time I was born up until recently, I never fully grasped why my desire to now hold these keys in my hand were so important to me. I know now as I look at this Mercedes and this worn set of keys. Opening the car door and sitting myself down behind the wheel of this amazing ride, I can smell and I feel my father sitting right next me. I drive this car with pride and smiles to those who admire. I stop to help those in need as I was taught and now I also drive with the windows down for new adventures. I miss my father deeply but I cling to keep this legacy, this car, these many countless miles driven and the memories alive. Besides serving his country in the United States Air Force for over 20 plus years and his family,this car was my fathers love. Now I am able to hold my past Military Service myself and his memories from this Mercedes and begin all of my own memories with this ride for many years to come.

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