Michael W 1972 Plymouth Barracuda 440-6pack

The Color That Caught Our Eyes.

Coming home from dinner one late evening, Driving the long way to take scenic route. There sits a bunch of pretty houses and a couple small car lots, We take this way home specificlly to see one car lot that has older classics and muscle cars. Not knowing that day was going to be the day we found the baddest car weve seen in a long time. Tucked away in the garage we caught a glimpse through the garage door window this lime green car. Not knowing what is was we turned around to go see, all we could see was this jacked up car with big tires and the emblem displayed on the back saying 'Cuda. Thats all we talked about was this car all the way home and for the rest of the week until we could go back and see it later. Not realising that we would one day own that car, 6 weeks later going to look at this car every week talking and dreaming about it. Our dream came true, we bought this car. a 1972 Plymouth Barracuda 2-door hard top with a 440-6pack in it. The day our lives changed we became the talk of our small town with the hottest car in our town. What a head turning, eye catching, muscle car this turned out to be.

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