john s 1968 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Thanks Clayton, Gloria and Abby

I met a very nice couple in 1996, I remodeled their kitchen. we became close friends for many years. They drove a beautiful 1968 mustang that was given to them by her father who had passed away. I think this was in 1980. They drove this car everyday back and forth from our little city called Encinitas Ca to Laguna beach Ca where their daughter lived. One day she called me to do more work on their house to do some general maintenance. I needed to go to their parking garage to get some materials out of their storage and I saw that beautiful car in the garage. it was in great shape but had not been used in a few years. I went back up and commented on the car and she said it was time to pass the car on and did not know what she wanted to do with it. the car had a lot of sentimental feelings attached to it. her father bought it brand new in 1968. and for years they drove it everyday. well I said I was very interested in it and thought I should offer to buy it. she looked at me and said are you interested in my dads old car? and of course I said yes with a huge smile on my face!! To my surprise she said its yours, when can you pick it up? the brakes are out so it will need to be towed. I honestly could not believe that this was even a possibility that someone would so lovingly give me her dads car. With that being said it was also her husbands cherished car as well. you can tell they took very good care of it. So without any hesitation and also trying to give her money for the car I called a tow truck to get it picked up. she would not hear of me giving them any money for the car she said my dad would love for you to have this car. I could not think of a better person to pass this on too. I was blown away!! her husband passed away about 6 months ago I took the car to the celebration of his life and the stories of that car from the family were endless so many great memories and everybody was so happy to see it running and cruising the pavement again. This one simple and so generous gesture on their part has made me one of the happiest guys on the road. every time i open the door to my 1968 mustang I think of them and always will!! everybody who sees me in the car driving down the road say what a beautiful car and you always have an ear to ear smile. when i am driving that car I feel like the happiest man on the planet!! Gloria and Clayton again I am so happy to have you as my friends and I will have this car for as long as I can drive and hopefully pass it on to someone who will love it as much as I do!!

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