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My wedding confetty

I bought my MGB new in 1964 and had stored it since 1970 when we had our first child.

In 2006, after being stored for 36 years, and I had retired, I started restoring my 1964 Mgb in my garage.

I had owned the car when I started dating my future wife and we went on our honeymoon in it, and it was our only transportaion for severall years after.

I was taking the B completely appart and that is when I found so confetti under the carpeting, that had been there since our wedding.

It was almost 40 years to the day of our wedding and I put it in the 40th anniversay card that I gave to my wife with a note - "something from our wedding day".

.Also, I can also recall turning on the defrosters while on my way to work, on the the first cold day after the wedding and being showered with confetti that had been stuffed into the defroster vents. I still had some in my Hair when I went into the office and everyone had a good laugh.

Everytime I drive my B I feel like I have gone back to those wonderful days of the two of us newly weds together with the top down and the wind in our hair- even though I don't have much left now.

Reg Loraine

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