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Go Ahead and TRY to grab the dash!

My first memory was my Dad's 1973 Formula Firebird, 455 with a rock crusher 4 speed. He picked it up a couple of hours from home and I remember him flying by us on the way home. A rare car that was full of rust, Dad would spend every evening with the car, who knows how much bondo he actually ended up with, however, it was a lot!

There was a clearance freight store not far from the house, in the back room was 100's of cans of car touch up paint, we spent hours there looking for the same color, again I don't know how many cans of .50c paint went into that car, but the whole thing was painted by can. Came out an almost flat blue, perfect color for a sleeper.

The car looked suprisingly good for what was put into it, but it was the rides I remember most. That 455 with turbo mufflers had the low rumble that would set off car alarms in parking garages and the wine of the rock crusher compleated the sound.

To this day I fondly remember Dad saying, "Go ahead and try to grab the dash!", you couldn't that car would pin you in the seat, infact both seat backs were bent from the force!

Looking at numbers today that no one cared about back then this car was 1 of 84 cars built.

This car hook me on classics. Today, I restore cars as a hobby and not by using the bondo and spray can method Dad used. Attached is my latest project a 69 GS400 4 Speed car with AC!

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