Trina O 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 2dr SportsRoof

finally after 35 yrs!

I bought this car at 16yrs. old in 1971. My daddy co-signed and it was aprox.$3200.00 then (was originally $4,125.00). I missed a payment when balance was 900.00. Daddy took car from me and GAVE it to my little brother Al. Next few years his epilepsy caused him to crash my mustang a few times and get rear ended by a semi. Then my younger brother Jeffrey got the car and started to repair. In 1980 both brothers went to Florida on vacation and drowned together in Ocean in St. Augustine. My father then let me buy it back for $1100.00 and it was needing much repairs now. My husband and I found a few parts and soon after divorced. My ex-husband got my car in the divorce as he told the judge he was restoring it (but it was just sitting). I lost it again :-( My daddy bought it back from my ex and it stayed in a small building my daddy owned for all these years since brothers drowned. My daddy said I could not buy it back , nor could I even look at it as he was very disappointed with my divorce. In 1991 daddy got very sick with cancer and I asked again if I could buy it back and he said when he died I could have it. In 1992 Sept. 25, he departed and I finally got my car back. :-(

In 1994 I married a man God said was the "one". Between him and a couple excellent garages...finally on May 23rd. 2013 I drove the car for the first time since late 70's.

I just found out that besides other numerous rarities, this mustang is the only one of its kind with tinted windows.

Her name is Glory and Grace or "GG" for short.

She is soooo happy to be back on the road and I am soo blessed and thankful to finally have her back. :-)

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