dave g 1964 Dodge Dart GT 2dr Convertible

classic wives

On vacation in Michigan we were driving around the West side of the state, we were lost.We passed this T-bird sitting on the lawn with a for sale sign. i slam on the brakes, I looked at my wife who has her head down and is repeating no no no. So I say what,what, what. Now in a voice i can plainly hear, if you know what i mean, she says, you are not going to buy an old car that you think you are going to fix up,that just sits in the garage taking up space, leaks oil collects dust, and just rusts away.ii backed up to take a better look. not bad,i thought. so i parked and got out. looked all around at the car and asked the wife to come over,she wouldn't budge. finally the owner came out and was telling me about the car.,when to my surprise here comes the wife. i don't dare say a word. she looks the car over, and by the way it was a very nice car, and goes back to our car and sits down. the owner tells me he wants $9,500. i tell him i'll think about it and i get back in the car . suddenly i hear, how much. i tell her. she says tell him $8,500 and we'll take it. true story. fast forward 17 yrs. she now drives her own 64 dart conv. and if you reached for the keys you might draw back a nub.

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