Al W 1965 Pontic GTO

Why I never became an attorney.

In the fall of 1964, I purchased a new 1965 Pontiac GTO. Equipped with three deuces, a four speed and posi traction, it was quite a change from my 1959 Ford Galaxy which had a 292 V-8 and automatic transmission. Most people would say I was probably a little crazy back then, and I admit I was. At 37000 miles I put on my 7th set of rear tires. I had racing pistons installed and had eight pipe headers custom made for the car. At that time there were only six pipe headers available as after market headers. The center two pistons 0n each side shared the same exhaust pipe due to lack of space. I grew up in small town America and as my reputation grew I was constantly being challenged to drag racing from car owners from other area towns. I was never beaten. It got to the point where I would have cars line up with me, but then would never even let their clutch out. They would just say they wanted to watch me burn rubber. However, I was getting tired of buying tires all the time. So when I was searching for a new set of tires, I stopped in to our local Firestone dealer. Wow! To my surprise he had a large banner that stretched all the way across the front of his bay areas that read: " Firestone tires, guaranteed for life." My problems were solved. I could wear out a set of tires and go in and get a free set. And I did wear out the Firestone tires rather quickly. So I went into the Firestone dealer and told Ernie; " I'm here to get my free set of tires". To which he replied; "What do you mean." Which I very proudly, pointed to his big banner and said; " Firestone tires , guaranteed for life". Ernie's response;" Yeah, guaranteed for the life of the tread. THERE"S NO TREAD." After I got over the embarassment, I decided, there is no way I could follow in my brothers foot steps and become an attorney. If I couldn't understand the LARGE print, how the heck could I ever understand the small print. As I have gotten older, I find it easier to laugh at myself. Which is good. And when I think back about this experience, I can only imagine the conversations that took place at the Firestone dealership in the following days. Probably priceless.

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