Dick M 1968 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe


In May of 1968 I had just completed two years of teaching in Detroit. I worked a summer job and decided I would like to buy a new Corvette. I went into Dexter Chevrolet in Detroit and inquired what it would take to buy one. The salesman advised that I would have to put down a $500 deposit and I could order one. I put up the $500 and ordered a coupe with the T-Top. He then advised that it would take about 1 month before I could expect delivery. One week later, he called me and advised that someone had cancelled their order and that car was now available. I drove to Dexter and saw a Medium Blue Coupe with T-Top and said I would take it. Total cost was $5500, which I paid to drove my dream car home. After a month or two I took the Vett back to the dealership for oil change etc. and mentioned to the Service Manager that the rear window leaked when it rained. His response was, "They all leak". Back then $5500 is like $50,000 today. And that is what I had to live with. I put terry cloth towels in the rear compartment where the flat window was leaking and kept the car for six years. I sold the car in 1974, during the fuel crisis and actually begged a young couple to take the car for $2500. Of course, I wish I had that car today. Last year, I finally convinced my wife that I was ready for another Corvette, so we purchased a 2013 Anniversary edition. What a difference in vehicles and Warranty. This 13 Corvette rides extremely well and performs so much better. My wife and I love this Corvette.

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