Ernest W 1969 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 2dr Convertible

The old 69 XL just dose not age

I've had my 1969 Ford XL covert. 429CJ since I was 18,. Before that as a kid about 12 helping my dad fix his ford wagon , I started to look at the identification page in a Chilton repair manual my dad used. The page had black & white drawings that showed cars front ends , since my dad had a 1969 LTD wagon I liked the front end I also liked the Mercury Marquis. So I set out looking for one 6 years later I found the XL. Working it off took 6 weeks of hard construction working with my dad building homes. He was not happy about the idea thinking the $1,900.00 was too much & the car for the time really wasn't in great shape. All the parts were there and, it ran good. For 4 years I grew up & dated girls in that awesome car it had a 302ci in it then but, being a young man it was for the best. Soon I met my wife , we dated in that car until sadly the 302ci died. So it sat for a while under a cover until I found a 1974 LTD with a 400ci , the car was rusted out bad, but, the motor was so well cared for when I removed the intake I seen cast iron color ! the holy grail of a motor find ! I hopped up that motor to get 375hp headers Holley intake carb, RV cam the works. My dad was very proud how well I learned from him & took that knowledge he shared with me to a whole new level. He helped me but, always let me learn at my own speed and, he learned from me too. My mom would save money up out of her pay check to help pay for things like the rear glass window , fat & wide tires but, most I worked & pay'd for myself. Had a great time dragging her at Englishtown NJ. Had it set up with heavy truck springs in the front like a gasser, that car launched like a bunny. Over time that poor motor got warn out, hearing a bottom end knock it was time to search for another cheap motor. I could of spent a few grand really modifying that 400ci but, I was way to poor for that. So in time I found a sad wrecked 1969XJ 429CJ fast back. The owner was going 110mph spun out & hit a bridge, totaling the poor car but, thankfully not the driver. The rear end was shifted to the right 2 feet ! the roof was buckled rear window gone trunk bent in a V, however I drove in home it was crazy , the car looked like a cartoon or fresh from the demolition derby. My dad & I stripped that car for all it was worth. My XL got bucket seats , center console with slap shiftier, and the holy grail of holy grail motors 429CJ ! dyno at 475hp. Sadly the rear was replaced with a limited slip. So I went to a local junk yard found a posi from a 69 galaxie police car on a rack, the guy told me 50 bucks if i carry it into my own truck of my dad's 1977 Pontiac grad prix, or 75 buck if I need help. It was there lunch time & it was raining. Well when you make a find like that & at only 50 bucks the adrenalin pumps so I carried that full rear and, sat in easy in the trunk. I slapped the 50 bucks in his hand & said thanks with there mouths wide open in shock. As my XL came together with all the parts I collected for less than 2 grand I finally got my dream hot rod together. Now I'm 46 my wife of 20 years and, my girlfriend for 7 years before that dating in that car and, our son who loves working with me & grandpa on that XL still not finished but, runs & drives awesome the interior perfect , we really enjoy our family classic, Its very different than when i first got it never fully restored it just keep it safe fun and, always a running driving work in progress. Soon she's getting a new top & weatherstripping and, time to make her look pretty. In this photo I met my wife 7 son at a park half way between home & our son's school for an after noon of fun fly'n a kite , tossing a foot ball & play'n frizzbie , it was like being in the 70's as if time stood still. This is what we love about our XL, it never gets old and, seams to never age. She may not be perfect but, that XL is ours and, part of our family like any pet would be. Over all the years that car has made our family very happy when we need a break from this fast paced modern world. The best is driving to the shore with my surf borde sticking out the back seat , people always beep there horns & wave with peace fingers , we really love that attention again as if time stopped for us and, the spirit of 76 is alive & well in that car, the smells it makes , all the noises all make that car a real trip to drive :)

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