Shari W 1948 Packard

The Packard Princess

It would be a great honor for our family, if you would interview Mike Fissler for your magazine. He has done a fantastic job restoring this 1948 Packard, and brought back many wonderful memories and made some new ones for our family.

My husband's grandfather Clarence was a Packard lover! He owned many through out his lifetime and restored or helped work on many more. When my daughters were little they would "help" him work on his cars and listen to old stories about them. Clarence has since passed but those memories are cherished by my girls.

In 2011 my daughter Amanda represented our town Reardan Wa as Distinguished Young Woman 1st Alternate and Princess. Imagine her delight when Mike Fissler volunteer to drive her and another Princess in a local parade in a fully restored Packard that her Great Granfather Clarence had once owned. She was so over the moon with joy. During that parade Mike also allowed my husband's Mom, my husband Greg, and our youngest daughter Jenna to ride as well.

We still keep in touch with Mike. Our youngest daughter is now a sophomore in high school and has asked Mike if she can have her Senior pictures taken in the car. It was a resounding yes. He also has offered it up to any future parades that we will be involved in.

So our greatest memories of that beautiful Packard are a combination of before it was restored, when it looked awful and ran worse to seeing it put back in it's former glory.

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