Ricky N

The 1980s: Street Racin' Crazy Nights !

The year is 1982 and I'm a 17 year gear head kid with a mullet haircut and Def Leppard High-n-Dry in the Realistic 8 track player with a big amp in the trunk and a bus fan on it keeping it cool. I just paid $1300.00 (bank loan) for a 1971 Camaro from a guy they call Bondo Bobby with a tired small block. I bought an engine rebuild kit from the local Sears catalog store, borrowed an engine stand . . . and over a brutal Iowa Winter, got a job in a body shop and painted the car, rebuilt the motor with a Sears engine kit ordered over the phone, installed a B&M Shift Improver - and bought on-easy-payments - a used Cheater Series NOS system. The local hospital would sell me the "medical grade" nitrous . . . I got this thing tuned - and was beating all the worn out big blocks that ruled the streets of my hometown. When me and the boys went lookin' for chics - we always took the orange Camaro. I'd drive it to 50 miles to the strip (with slicks in the truck) and race all day with 14.2 time slips. Nitrous runs netted a 13.50 a few times. This thing would pull hard with it's 3:08 gears - just a touch over 100mph. I tried a "Vega Converter" and it was almost a real race car. I did what I could. Our midwest town had the best cruise scene - up and back all night (maybe yours did too) with all the different parking lots - from the greasers, the farm-farts, the so-shes, the jocks . . . everyone had some kind of hot rod in America's Hometown Iowa. I remember when gas went to .90/gallon. I can still visualize the sign at Caseys - I couldn't believe it - almost a buck ?! Now, I heard the local police stop kids if they drive around too much . . . I guess America is still here - But sometimes it's hard to find. I'm glad I was born in the 60s - and got that taste of hot rod rebellion like my father did . . . Long Live Classic Muscle !

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