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Racing in the Rain

Back in the mid 70's I bought a used 74 TransAm SD455 from a used car dealer in Greenville, SC. The name of the dealership was "Corvette Corner". As the name implies, they sold hot rods, muscle cars, and Vettes. I had a good friend who had a brother-in-law who worked for a radio station in Lavonia, Ga. This particular weekend they were having a big national drag race at the just built Atlanta Dragway. The brother-in-law was given three pit passes for the entire race, but he don't enjoy racing so he gave all three of them to my friend. We went there in my just purchased TransAm which was about a 60 mile drive. We lived in Seneca,SC at the time. The Saturday afternoon race was well in progress and it came a usual hot afternoon shower. Remember we live in the deep South and I believe it was in July or August. After the rain ended the announcer asked that all the street cars that were parked in the pit area to drive up and down the track to try and dry it off quicker. If memory serves me correctly there were about 15 or 20 cars that pulled out on the track. There was a mix of Vettes, Mustangs, Chevelles, Road Runners , etc.. After the rain was dryed off the track they actually allowed us to drag race each other, only they wouldn't use the tree, They instead had a flagman starting us off and they also were not giving out any times. The SD TransAm beat everthing! Not a car beat me. The announcer even asked over the loud speaker if there was nothing in the pits that could handle the red T/A. People in the stands were cheering for us! My sister and her husband were in the stands and made me an offer on the SD455 the following Monday and I met them at the bank and sold the T/A. I regret doing so to this day. Back then they were just used cars! Today I have a 68 GTO with the 400 H.O. engine, four speed, and a 3:91 rear. I can relieve some of the glory days with my goat. Thanks for reading my entry, my goat sure could used that $50.00 gas card as I have to mix octane booster with the fuel. Thanks, Mike Smith

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