My dad sold Ford's his entire life. I grew up in a small town where the Ford dealership was the icon and center of the small town activity. We had a Chevy dealership as well, but it never had quite the prestige of the Ford dealership. I followed my father's footsteps by going to work in the Ford dealership as a mechanic in 1972. I was always trading cars and by the time I was 19 I had owned 31 cars. In 1972 a local man traded in his1970 Z-28 at the Chevy dealership for a new Corvette. I was interested in the Z-28 so I slipped off to the Chevy dealership, drove the Z-28, and was so thrilled with the 350/360 engine I bought it on the spot. Little did I know the controversy it would become. The next day I drove the car to work and parked it at the Ford dealership. The dealership owner found out I had bought the car from the Chevy dealer and was mad as &*#$A. He came and got me out of the shop and made me move the vehilce from their lot and told me I was never to park that Chevy on their premises again. I also got a lecture about how I should support the company I worked for. I continued to work there, but had to park the Z-28 across the street. I took all kinds of heat from everyone else at the dealership while I owned the Z-28. The funny thing was it was about the fastest car in town and although I endured a lot of mouth from the Ford guys they all knew they could not outrun it. I kept the car about 6 months, which is about as long as I ever owned anything then. I replaced it with a 70 Boss 302 and I was suddenly back in good graces with the Ford dealership. I still remember the Z-28 as the fastest car I ever owned and it was worth all the pain I endured just to drive that car for a few months. I am still a Ford man, but I would love to have that Z-28 back today.

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